First blog post

First blog post

This is my very first blog post! I have written many blogs in the past.  I’ve edited countless drafts, scrapped them, started from scratch, I’ve sent them to my family to edit, and they never left my hard drive.  So I am trying something different.   I am posting my raw, (mostly) unedited, incorrect, biased, and embarrassing thoughts online.  My hope is that I will improve quickly, and eventually have something more insightful to show for myself.

I am beginning with a 300 or 400 word cap limit.  I am currently at 88 words, and don’t know what the rest of this blog will be about.  I do have some notes about my plans.  I intend to blog  about programming, game design, magic cards, math, self improvement/discovery,  put up a portfolio, and figure out how to start sentences without I.  There are about 4 articles on my hard drive that I spent some time on, that will easily make a post or two.  I won’t make any promises, but I hope to have weekly posts throughout the summer.

Ok! Thanks for reading!  I am at 179 words and I think this updated word counter should be optional.  I actually do have some actual blog content for the reader though.  A lesson that I continually have learned, over and over again, is that proving I am good at something is impossible.  I love to learn new things, and try and improve at them, but I always get to a point where I start trying to prove my skill.  I first begin believing I am good, then I assume I am good, and then this skill is so tied up in my self worth, that I need to be good.  So when met with failure, I can’t blame my skill and hurt my confidence, so I blame anything else, hence I stop learning, and stop improving.  This blog is an attempt to put myself out there, where I must own them when it is either convenient or inconvenient.  I would love to end this paragraph with proof that I won’t make the same mistakes again, but the truth is I might fall in this cycle again, and I can only try and improve at not falling in it.

Welp, I hope that wasn’t too deep for the intro.  Funny how the reader will only read this last sentence once, while I have tried umpteen times to write it.

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