The second post struggle

OMG What should I write about!?  I want to post, but I can’t even start because I hate every topic I start to write about.  This is my second post.  It takes two things to start a trend, and three things to start a pattern (To non-mathematicians).  Each topic alienates an audience that I value.

Ideally, one could just begin typing and paint with all the colors of their life and make their second post.  It seems impossible to write this way, but if you think about it, how can ‘who I am’ not shine through your writing?  Fear.  The same reason this is my 2nd post and not my 22nd post. Fear.

Personally, I have overcome fear by admitting it out loud, and allowing my cynicism to rip it’s logic to shreds.  Admitting it, has always been the hard part for me.  And so here it is, I’m worried that people will judge me by the first actual (since the first post doesn’t count, obvi) topic of this blog.  Immediately, I realize that this only implies to readers who are reading before I write my 3rd/4th post.  And I’m under the impression that I (and my gf who I make read) am the only one reading.  So I have nothing to fear.

And there it is.  I’m already thinking about my next post.  Which will probably be about how MtG has changed my life in very unexpected ways.

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