The Circle of Removal(MtG!)

Hour of Devastation has brought some new marquee answers to the format that add more depth than what’s on the surface.  Hour of Devastation can kill indestructible creatures and planeswalkers while Hour of Revelation destroys all not indestructible permanents.   With the addition of the new gods, the current format welcomes “When this creature dies, return it to it’s owners hand at the beginning of the next end step” to it’s stable of difficult to remove threats.

Indestructible Creatures Planeswalkers Vehicles New Gods
Hour of Devastation HIT HIT miss miss
Hour of Revelation miss HIT HIT miss
Abrade miss miss HIT miss

I mention abrade as well because one might notice that both new sweepers don’t deal with both vehicles and indestructible creatures, and abrade does a nice job of fixing this potential hole.  This is adds an interesting sub game to removal.  It also makes this sub game without implementing exile removing.  Exile removal’s absoluteness has always been a design goals of WotC’s and they respect that here.  Currently there are not many efficient exile removal spells, thus making those less efficient cards more interesting and not more obviously playable.  Also this highlights the value of the New Gods, who clearly were created with the intention of inevitability.



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