Most Interesting Mana Base

I must apologize to my non MtG(Magic: The Gathering) fans out there, I am posting about MtG once again.  But I am occasionally stricken by the brilliance of WotC, and I would do a disservice to the universe if I didn’t share it.  Basically, I think WotC has developed a new plan to make mana bases extremely interesting.

A while ago I noticed the uptick in lands which feature the land type’s(plains, island, swamp, mountain, forest) or cared about the land types.  I thought it was cool, but didn’t understand why.  Recently, I have noticed the increased power of non basic lands.  I also thought this was cool, but I never figured the two concepts collided.

  • Two Color Lands –
    • Battle For Zendikar & Amonkhet Lands
      • Have a land type
    • Shadows over Innistrad & Ixalan Lands (Sunpetal Grove)
      • Care about land’s with land type
    • Oath of the Gatewatch & Kaladesh Lands
      • Don’t care about land type
  • Mana Fixing Lands-
    • Aether Hub
      • Makes you play energy cards
    • Spire of Industry
      • Makes you play artifacts
    • Cascading Cataracts
      • Makes you play big mana splashes
  • Powerful Lands
    • Deserts
      • Makes you play more deserts
    • Shrine of Forsaken Gods & Sanctum of Ugin
      • Makes you play big colorless cards
    • Drownyard temple, Wastes, Westvale Abbey etc…

Okay, so if you look at each group (ex: Battle For Zendikar & Amonkhet), each have a unique requirement that push your deck in a different direction.  Now why did I make a big deal out of caring about land types?  Because it makes the choice between plains and shefet dunes (the white mono colored desert) interesting.  Usually decks always want to play basic lands because they are always untapped, but now even basic lands come at a cost of not playing the more powerful mono colored desert.  Without the mono color deserts, 2 color ally (where you can’t use Oath of the gatewatch or Kaladash lands) mana bases would be formulaic:

  • 4 Shadow over Innistrad 2 Color Lands
  • 4 Amonkhet 2 Color Lands
  • 4 Battle for Zendikar 2 Color Lands
  • 10 Basic Lands
  • X utility lands

Trust me that was the plan, and this plan still works, but you have to decide to not play potentially powerful mono color deserts.  Whew!  Ok, I needed to express that.  Now they just need to make sure to keep 2 color enemy mana bases just as interesting.

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